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healing-the-blindChurl has occasionally shared his poetry here on A Christian Thing (though much of it now appears on his subsidiary blog Sing Me Hwæthugu), so I hope the following won’t feel too out of place here. It’s a song of mine. Obviously it’s a work in progress, but please listen in and let me know what you think.

We are the Blind

1. We are the blind
You the Sight-Giver
Look on Your people we pray
Open our eyes
Banish the darkness
Morning Star, bring on the day

Light of the World
Flame of the Father
Break through the night of our sin
Shine in our hearts
Burn the dross from us
Great Light illumine the Way

2. We are the false
You the Truth-Speaker
We are the children of lies
Yet You call us Your own
Sisters and brothers
And attend to our prayers and our cries

Truth of the World
Word of the Father
Over our noise speaking through
Write in the dust
When sin condemns us
Let us read mercy in You

3. We are the dead
You the Life-Maker
Breathe on our desert-dry bones
Call us by name
Make the earth tremble
As we come forth from our tombs

Hope of the World
Son of the Father
Rise in the hearts of all men
Take us by the hand
Lift us toward You
As by Your love we ascend