About This Thing

Churl started this blog because of an exercise he did during Advent 2011: making occasional reflections about contemporary Christianity, contemporary culture, and their mutual interaction. He did this as a way of expressing his restlessness and frustration with aspects of both.  He found this a useful exercise for himself, and (he hopes) others who read it found it useful as well.  In any case, Christmas was over, but contemporary Christianity and culture were still there, and so he decided to make a blog for putting up occasional and brief thoughts concerning them.  Surprisingly, he has friends, and they were interested in joining his endeavor, so you can expect introductions and input from them as well; there just seems to be something right about gathering two or three together…

The title reflects our general uncertainty regarding the overarching purpose of the blog, apart from its Christian focus.  We chose to call the blog a “thing” based on the origins of the word.  In Old Icelandic society, the “thing” was a meeting of people from the surrounding country, where people could bring up and discuss issues pertaining to the broader community etc.  It was somewhat like a Tolkienien Ent-moot.  The Old English Maxims tell us that “the wise must have a thing” together.  While not professing to be wise, we are professing to have a thing – and perhaps revel in the folly of Christ while we are at it.

Modified from the original introductory post.

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